Zoot Money and Nick Newall back stage
with Elaine Williams - Stroller program
Some of the Festival saftey Stewards who did a great job.

The Barcodes played at the Brecon Jazz Festival, on the Friday evening as the standard line up of Bob Haddrell - keys & bass peddles, vocals,
Alan Glen – harmonica, guitar & vocals, Dino Coccia- drums. at the Beacon Venue, a good appreciative crowed heard the band play a selection of tunes from their back catalogue a mixture of Blues, Soul & jazz with just the right amount of light and shade that had the audience calling for more..

On the Saturday evening they moved to the large Captain’s Walk venue and were joined by Zoot Money on organ and vocals and Nick Newall on Sax and flute. This was an all together a much more up beat event, The Barcodes trio kicked things of with “I don’t worry about a thing”, they were then joined by Nick Newall on flute for “Grits and Greens” from their album 'Independently Blue".

The line up was then completed with Zoot coming to the stage and jumping right in with “It never rains but it pours”, he also included his track from the new Barcodes CD “With friends like these..” “Halfway to nowhere” on which he is featured.

Over the next hour and a half the excited and vocal audience were treated to a demonstration of how to deliver R & B with soul, which had them dancing in the isles, The band only stopped when the sound man pulled to plug to meet the demands of the curfew

 A very special night for all including the band, let’s hope they do it again soon.

Photos by Martin Russell & Blake Powell
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