HiFi Combo - Set List

Mike Summerland - Guitar
Tommy O'Donnall - Drums
Richard Simmons - Keyboards
Al Maclow - Bass
Paul Cox - Vocals
Andy Gierus - Guitar

HiFi Combo
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Set List

Andy Gierus

Rutland - 25th March 2004
The Hi Fi Combo -
....give it large
Tino (Italy)-
Plays the Blues
Miranda -
"In The Nick of Time"
Miranda & Terry
'Play Air Guitar' ...
Earl Green -Guests 30/06/05
Photos by Tony Bruce

Rutland - 26th October 2006 - The Last Night... Maybe - with special guests
Graham Lyle (Scotland)
Mike, Paul, Tommy, Al and Bill Livsey(Nashvile)
Bill Livsey(Nashvile)
Photos from The Rutland