February 16th 2003 - Fire & Water -
The Manor, 20-21 Main Road, Biggin Hill Kent., -

"Smiggys Tips" - Barry's Mag

To a happier subject. I Saw Paul Cox and The Fire & Water band at the Manor(16 Feb 2003); great show with everyone giving it large, pyrotechnic playing and the Cox's fantastic (yes, I'm afraid it is) voice, belting away at it's gravely best. One wee comment-the first half was dedicated to Bad Company and Free, second half was a mix of The Who, Hendrix, Zeppelin and other giants.

The second half was a very impressive covers job and was well received , the first half was the soul of Free and Bad Co. they got right inside the essence of these two bands and made the music their own. "Mr Big" especially was hairs on the back of the neck stuff. For me, it was this set that was the better. Loads of hard work and fun was evident in the Battle of the Giants set, but it was Free Company that did it for El Smig. (The audience may disagree with me, coz they loved the whole show)